The Start of the Utah Roundnet Association

It was 6 years coming. Our founder having bought his first set back in 2012 after seeing a video on Facebook about it. Since then, never playing as competitively as he wished, mostly just teaching family and friends at backyard BBQs, camping trips, or beach vacations. The straw that broke the camels back was a trip with friends and they played a friendly game on the beach of Sand Hollow in St George.

He got home, and decided there needed to be an organized league so he could play weekly with people who knew how to play already. After arranging with South Jordan’s Parks and Rec about when it would start, he went off to his first Spikeball™ tournament in June of 2018. Not knowing what real Spikeball talent was, but not naive enough to believe he belonged in the Advanced division, he played with a teammate who he had never met, and had also never played in a tournament; and they took a respectable 5th place in intermediate. But it just made him grow hungrier.

No longer was a league adequate for spreading the good word. At this point it was decided that we needed statewide tournaments in Utah and an official organization to lead the community. The URA was officially organized, the first statewide tournament series was planned for September 2018, and the sport of roundnet in Utah would never be the same again.