Clubs in Utah

Below is a list of official clubs here in Utah.  Typically clubs will have a consistent time and place for pick up games so you can always know where to play and have a good time.  If there's not a club in your area, then it's up to you to get it started! Fill out the form below and we will help you find players around! If you already have a club, also fill out the form so we can make it official and help others find a place to join!


South valley Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Taylor Sanford, 801-874-4513

Club Meet Ups: Winter - Tuesday nights at the RSL Academy Indoor fields in Herriman from 8:30-11pm. Cost is $5/person.

The home base for the URA, catering to the south end of the Salt Lake Valley.  There's a wide variety of talent and age levels from the quick and agile high schoolers to the Saturday Warrior dad bods.  There's room for anyone to come join and have a good time.


spikehawks roundnet club at the University of utah

Club Leader: Ben Hamilton, 951-743-5701

Club Meet Ups: No consistent times during the Winter, reach out to Ben because they sometimes play in the racquetball courts.

The Spikehawks are an official ASUU club at the U of U and is growing quickly! They have newbies to advanced and everyone is welcome to come play!


Utah (County) roundnet

Club Leader: Taylor Church, 801-369-2727

Club Meet Ups: Tuesdays 5:30PM at BYU and then move to the RSL Facility in Herriman at 8:30 to join the South Valley Club. Contact Taylor or the Spikeball App for more info.

One of, if not the most, established clubs in Utah.  With the currently #13 ranked team in the country (Spikers Anonymous), this is the place to be in Utah County.  But don't be alarmed if you aren't up to that level, there's plenty of room for the amateurs and the guys are very welcoming to all looking to pick up the sport of Roundnet - and fantastic teachers!


Usu roundnet club (UTAH STATE)

Club Leader: Micah Rasmussen, 801-856-9928,

Club Meet Ups: Off for the Winter.

The Utah State Roundnet Club is the official club of the USUSA community! There's always new people to meet on campus week after week and year after year! 

dixie roundnet.jpg

Dixie Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Chance Steglich, 435-313-6305

Club Meet Ups: No consistent schedule in the Winter - but often still play on Saturdays. Join the Facebook group below or text Chance for details

The Dixie Roundnet Club is going to grow quickly, and we will definitely host some tournaments - especially in the Winter months!


wasatch front roundnet club (Ogden)

Club Leader: Zach Smith, 801-675-6384

Club Meet Ups: Off for the Winter

This club is super friendly towards newcomers, but also has a couple advanced teams. Show up and play!


Thunderbird roundnet club (SUU / cedar city)

Club Leader: Max Spence, 801-661-1590

Club Meet Ups: TBD

The Thunderbirds already have about 20 regulars along with a few misc people come when they play. Join the Facebook group and download the app to find meet-ups!


Wolverine roundnet club (UVU / Orem)

Club Leader: Daisy Daines and Brad Nicholls, 509-994-9925 and 801-372-4183

Club Meet Ups: Tuesdays meet at BYU at 5:30 and move to the RSL Indoor facility at 8:30-11pm. $5/person at RSL.

The Wolverines have just started their club at UVU and hope to really grow it this coming Spring! Be sure to join the school club if you’re a student!

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 10.51.16 AM.png

BYU Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Merlin Erickson, 651-503-1427

Club Meet Ups: Saturday mornings at the IPF - Check the Spikeball app or Instagram page for details - @byu_roundnet

Playing alongside the Utah County club often, but the official BYU club for students. Lots of opportunities to play down in Provo!


The Heber Creepers

Club Leader: Justin Ellingford, 435-764-7644

Club Meet Ups: Tuesdays at the Wasatch County Parks and Rec Center

Our guys up in Heber have a solid group of people and have arranged to play on the turf fields at the rec center each week. If you’re in the area - definitely join them!


Want to join the URA network and have an official club in your city? Submit an application right here and we can get you listed as a URA club! 

What we expect as a club leader:

  • Host weekly pick-up / league games (weather permitting).

  • Help build the Spikeball app community by posting games on the app and telling people to download and RSVP on it.

  • Encourage your club to participate at official URA events

  • Which all leads to one thing: Having fun playing roundnet and helping others do the same!

Specific desirable locations we need club leaders for (but not limited to):

Downtown SLC, BYU Campus / UVU Campus, Park City, AND ALL HIGH SCHOOLS!!!

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