The Future of Roundnet in Utah

The Utah Roundnet Association was created after we helped form the first Spikeball League in Utah, and we realized we wanted more. We are now the largest independent roundnet organization in the world in terms of participation numbers. See what we have in store for the future!


We hosted over 20 tournaments throughout the state in 2019, including the crowning achievement, our first National Tour Stop as part of the Spikeball National Series. Each year we will have a formal season with rankings, on top of some “friendly” tournaments. Every tournament has divisions for all skill levels!

We have been going around to many high schools teaching students how to play roundnet as part of the Spikeball™ PE Program. It’s been a huge hit and our high school community is growing. If you have a Spikeball™ club at your school, let us know!

 We want to support all Parks and Rec departments, school educators, or similar organizations that are looking to incorporate the sport of roundnet into their community. See details of how we can work with you!