The Future of Roundnet in UT

The Utah Roundnet Assocation was created because after forming the first Spikeball League in Utah, we realized we wanted more. Here are a few things we are working on to grow the sport in Utah!

 Utah is currently home to 2 teams in the top 20 in the country - Spikers Synonymous and Gucci Swagball 1000. In the 2019 season we are adding in our own Utah rankings based on points from our 6 URA Tour Stops.

We have been going around to many high schools teaching students how to play roundnet as part of the Spikeball™ PE Program. It’s been a huge hit and our high school community is growing. If you have a Spikeball™ club at your school, let us know!

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We want to support all Parks and Rec departments, school educators, or similar organizations that are looking to incorporate the sport of roundnet into their community.