High School Roundnet

We have been to many high schools teaching the sport of roundnet as part of the Spikeball PE Program and have been impressed with the skills of many ‘ballers out there! In 2019 we are having Utah’s first High School Spikeball season! Check out details at the link below


step 1 - fill out the “intent to play” form

  • We are to the point that we need ALL high school spikeballers to fill out an “Intent to Play” survey so that we can make plans for the best league possible. After you fill it out, please share it with all your friends who will also be interested.

  • The form is a quick 7 questions and should take less than 2 minutes

Step 2 - hold weekly pick-up games!

We know the winter can be difficult to find a place to play; but find a gym, classroom, or common area at school and schedule a consistent time and place.  Play in areas that will get attention from others and invite them to play.  Spikeball has created a step by step guide for putting together a club you can find here.

  • Start an unofficial club

  • Recruit new players

  • Set standard meet ups and practices


Step 3 - Make it official

Work with your teachers to get an official school roundnet club going and get students to sign up to join!

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