The Utah Roundnet Team

You want to know more about us? We’re flattered. But here’s the most important thing, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you in our community. We are here to serve you, and so with that we say #thankyou


Taylor Sanford - President

I’ve been playing Spikeball since 2012 when got the 1st edition set after seeing a video on Facebook. You know, the one with the hooks that move on the rim - OG’s will know. But after playing for 6 years in my backyard, on vacations & camping trips, and always teaching friends how to play, I got tired of it. I LOVED Spikeball and was determined to make it something I could play regularly and competitively.

In June of 2018 I played in my first tournament as research for what was out there. From there I started Utah’s first Spikeball/roundnet league, and the URA was born. After organizing 3 of Utah’s largest tournaments (at the time) we were getting National recognition and I was passionate to make Utah Roundnet the largest roundnet organization (outside of Spikeball itself).

Although Utah Roundnet has pretty much taken over mine and my family’s life in many ways, hockey is actually my “first” sport. I was the captain of my high school team, played on the University of Utah’s hockey team, and I currently still play in 1-2 adult leagues year-round.

But even more important than sports, are my wonderful family who supports me in this passion of growing Utah Roundnet. My wife, Megan, has helped in multiple tournaments and basically ran our Utah Tour Stop; on top of taking care of our kids nearly every Saturday while I run tournaments (if you ever see her, you should give her a hug and say ‘thank you!’) Our kids, Phoenix (5) and Brooklyn (2) love trying to play roundnet themselves, and Phoenix has even started pointing out parks I should host tournaments at (haha!)

If you are reading this, I want to say thank you for being a part of the best damn roundnet community in the world. Utah Roundnet would not be where it is without you personally, and the rest of the ballers around. Thank you for making my dream come true!


Hollis Hunt - Intern

Hollis, (named after his father, grandpa, and great grandpa - yep, he is in fact Hollis the IV), is self described as a really fun guy who enjoys the game of roundnet. His fascination with Spikeball started in the Summer of 2019 when his friend introduced it to him and beat him bad. Ever since then, Hollis has come back and currently leads the overall record between them both, 51 games to 45. Hollis and his friends like to search for cool places to play roundnet; from under the Delicate Arch, to the Salt Flats, and to the beaches of Mexico. He is a junior at BYU in the Experience Design & Management major and is looking to bring what he’s learning to design a better experience for our URA tournaments. He served a mission Thailand, has led several humanitarian trips to Thailand and also is currently teaching Thai at the MTC, this guy’s life basically revolves around Thailand (and Thai food).

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Tucker Hunsaker - Intern

Besides his 6’7 frame, Tuckers clame to fame is a photo of him and his friends playing Spikeball on a cliff above the grand canyon. After being reposted by the official Instagram for Spikeball™, gaining a whopping 2 followers and dozens of comments calling him and his friends idiots for risking their lives, he continued to fall in love with the sport and continued to share it with everyone in his life. It’s this kind of viral, exciting, and entertaining content that Tucker plans on bringing to the Utah Roundnet community through our social platforms. Tucker is currently working on his bachelor’s in business marketing with Western Governors University and dreams of helping small businesses reach ambitious goals through the world of social media marketing.