Father Church’s Spikeball Training Camp

June 20th - 22nd, 2019

Location TBD - most likely Lehi


“The best Church Camp of 2019”

Make no mistake - this 3 day event is not only going to make you a better spikeballer, but also a better person and your parents will love you more at the end of it. Don’t waste your entire Summer sitting around trying to “make it” - this training camp is being led by the #1 player in Utah and will make your 2019 Summer the best one of your life.

Each day will focus on 2 of the most important roundnet skills you need to know to push your skills to the next level, with a King of the Court style tournament to cap it off. The goal of this camp is to jump-start the next group of future Utah Premier Spikeball athletes to compete on a National level!

Training Camp Schedule: June 20-22nd

Thursday June 20th, 6-9pm: Day 1 of the training camp will focus on 2 of the most important roundnet skills - Serving and serve-receiving. Cut/Jam/Fwango/Drop/etc., learn how to keep the defense on their toes with a diverse serving skillset. A must for roundnet in this day and age.

Friday June 21st, 6-9pm: Day 2 will focus on the the key to roundnet offense - setting and finishing. Don’t let the defense scoop up your soft or high finish anymore!

The final hour on both Thursday and Friday will be reserved for some scrimmage/individual training for you to talk with Church and ask advice directly related to your game.

Saturday June 22nd, 8:30am-3pm: Day 3 will start with an hour of defensive strategy lessons before we get into a King of the Court style tournament. Everyone will play with various partners throughout the tournament (including with and against Church) and at the end you will know where you rank, individually, against the other campers!


Full 3-day Experience: $40

2-day Experience (pick any 2): $30

Single-day Experience (Limited to Thu/Fri): $15

Limited Edition T-shirt (lightweight and comfy): $15

Taylor Church’s Background

Church started playing roundnet in 2016, and has a long list of accolades in just a few short years. He qualified to become a Spikeball Premier player (must take top 2 in the Advanced division of a National Tournament) at the 2017 Spikeball Nationals. He is 1 of only 10 current Utahn’s who have accomplished the feat; and the goal of this camp is to tutor our up-and-coming players in Utah to add to that list!

In 2018 he made a big push late in the season to accomplish his goal to play in the Pro division at the 2018 Nationals. After having a 4th and 5th place finish at 2 major tournaments, he succeeded in his goal and got the prestigious invite to play Pro.

Church has competed in over 40 tournaments across the country since 2016!