Utah Roundnet Videos

We are going to focus more on adding in some of our high level games to our Utah Roundnet YouTube Channel. We will rotate some in and out here on the website, but be sure to subscribe to our channel to see all our new full length videos.

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A compilation of highlights from Utah Roundnet events this year. Everything from Spikeball™ sponsored tournaments, to pick-up games, to Spikeball™ PE Program classes. Email your highlights to info@utahroundnet.com to be featured!
Top 2 Spikeball teams in Utah according to the latest SRA power rankings going at it in our weekly Utah Roundnet pick-up games. Spikers Anonymous - Taylor Church and Spencer Schmidt Agility - Tyler Stokes and Anthony Oliver
Game 2 of commentary for the night as we put the 22nd ranked Spikeball team in the country - Agility vs the 16th ranked Spikers Anonymous. Commentary by Taylor Sanford, at our Utah Roundnet weekly pickup games at the RSL indoor training facility.
In our first night at the RSL Academy Training Complex, we featured 4 of our premier players in Utah going at it in a fierce Game 3 matchup that went deep into extra points. Final score 37-35!
Championship match up between Gucci Swagball 1000 and Stoked as Chit at our 2018 Dixie Roundnet Tournament.
PJ and Tyler came to visit us in Utah and a bunch of us had the chance to play the #1 team in the world. Here's how Spikers Anonymous did against them.