2020 Utah High School Roundnet Season

In 2019 we put together the first High School roundnet season in the country right here in Utah. In 2020, we are upping our game now that we have over 20+ schools with active clubs and club captains. We are moving closer to making it look like a traditional sports team format. We are currently in the planning stages, so please read on to learn how your school can participate!


Season Format

Individual Team Competition Format:

We will have 6-8 Regular season tournaments. These will be abbreviated tournaments (3 hours) on thursday afternoons after school (4-7pm), instead of full day, saturday tournaments. Think of them like track or wrestling meets that prepares you for the state championships.

We will be tracking points for each tournament that will accumulate throughout the season. Based on the final ranking of each tournament, each team will be assigned a specific number of points - please note: points are given to the TEAM not to the individual players, So if you play with multiple teammates, points will not add up together.

At the end of the regular season, the 10 teams (or more if there are ties) with the most points accumulated throughout the season will earn the advantage to be placed in Power Pools at the State Championships and be guaranteed the top 10 seeds going into bracket play.

Example: The Top 10 teams will all play in 2 pools of 5 against each other, while all the other teams play in non-power pools. The last place team out of the power pools will have the #10 seed in bracket play. The top seed out of the non-power pools will get the #11 seed in bracket play, so it is a huge advantage to be in the power pools and guarantee a top seed.

Also note: All teams are invited to play in the State Championships, there is no qualification to play in the non-power pools! but You must play with someone from your school.

Squad (aka School) Competition Format:

Along with the individual teams, there will also be a squad competition at each tournament. We will use the same point system but instead of accummulating them up throughout the season, points will be tallied for each tournament and a school will win that tournament as a squad.

A school must have a minimum of 3 teams to qualify, and there is no limit for a maximum number of teams participating (so the more teams you have, the better chance you have for your teams to do well). We will take the top 3 teams from each qualifying school, and add up points for those 3 teams. The school with the most points in the tournament will win as a school. So it’s not just about the best team from your school competing, but helping each other get better so they can help your squad.

The school with the most squad wins throughout the regular season will earn 3 additional spots into the power pools at the State Championships (on top of any individual spots that may have been earned). Along with prizes at each tournament.

The same squad format will also be used at State Championships where we will crown a Squad/School State Champion on top of an individual team State Champion!


Home Field Advantage

If you would like to have a home-field advantage and host a regular season tournament, here are some benefits and expectations:


Obviously having home-field advantage means not needing to travel, being familiar with the location and having the opportunity to do more than simply show up and play. It will be easier to recruit new teams from your school to play which will benefit your squad as a whole; not to mention getting lots of fans to cheer you on!

Utah Roundnet will also give back 50% of your squad’s tournament fees back to your club so you can invest in more equipment/jerseys for your club.

Requirements for hosting a home-field tournament:

suggest a location at or near your school. we will need roughly a full-size football/soccer field that we can paint serving lines on (ie: turf fields won’t work unfortunately). Check on any requirements for reservations (ie: applications or payments required) and pass them along to Taylor. We do not want to run into another group reserving a field we planned on.

Your school must guarantee a minimum of 3 teams that will be playing in your home field tournament. You should also be able to spread the word around your school for more teams to play, and get some fans to come and watch! Priority will also be given to those schools who have shown a history of participation in past tournaments and active pick up games on the Spikeball app.

As needed, the captain should be able to recruit a couple team members to assist in setting up/cleaning up.

If you would like to apply to host a regular season tournament, please fill out the form below!

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