2019 Utah High School Tournaments

In 2019 we are kicking off high school roundnet in Utah! Sponsored by Spikeball™ we are looking to lead the high school roundnet scene throughout the country!

We can’t do that unless we can send a few teams to Nationals so the top teams will receive a sponsorship from Utah Roundnet with prize money to be used to travel to the Spikeball High School Natties!


Team Rankings

The first 3 tournaments will be open to all players currently attending High School (or Jr. High) in Utah. We will have JV and Varsity divisions that you can register for. However, points will be given to teams based on the results of each tournament in the Varsity division only. If a player plays with a new teammate, their points will not add together for final standings but players may be allowed to split the team points on a case by case basis if their primary partner is not available to play with.

Up to the top 32 Varsity teams* with the most points after the 3 tournaments will be invited to play in the Varsity division at the State Championship Tournament (rankings based on season points, no pool play). Any additional teams not qualifying in the top 32 will play for the JV State Championship.

In addition to the team State Championship, a school Championship will also be awarded! Each school will be awarded points based on their top 3 teams’ final results at the Championship tournament, and the school with the highest points will take State! (Any ties will be broken by the team with the highest ranking team).

Now for the prizes!

Varsity Championship Prizes - Sponsorships to make the trip to High School Nationals**

1st Place Team: $300 Sponsorship

2nd Place Team: $200 Sponsorship

3rd Place Team: $100 Sponsorship

*For teams tied for the top 32 teams, tiebreaker will be the teams’ highest placed result at any single tournament.

**Teams not participating in Spikeball™ Nationals can opt for a cash prize worth half the sponsorship.


Tournament Rules and FAQs

How do I register?

  • Each tournament will have an online registration you must use to sign up by the Friday prior to the tournament. Registration fees will be as follows:

    • JV Division: $20/team

    • Advanced Division Registration: $30/team

    • NO DAY OF TOURNAMENT SIGN UPS WILL BE ALLOWED. We’re sorry, but it ruins the pools/brackets for the rest of the teams as they are put together the night before. Registration links will be closed at 10PM the night prior.

What is the tournament format?

  • We will follow the 2019 Spikeball Roundnet Association tournament formatting as much as possible, as follows:

    • We will aim to have pools of 5-6 teams with single games to 21 with a cap at 25. Depending on number of teams we may need to have pools of 7-8 teams and we will have single games to 15 with a cap at 21.  Pool play will determine seeding for bracket play - everyone will qualify for a spot in the brackets.

    • Bracket Play will also follow the 2019 SRA format: We will be using single elimination for all brackets and playing out for specific final placings. If you lose in the first or second round you’ll automatically drop into a feed-in consolation bracket. As such, every team will be guaranteed at least two bracket play matches.

      • Each tournament may require a different type of format depending on numbers of teams registered among other factors. Be aware that a tournament format may be different than outlined above and may include division splits for bracket play, double elimination brackets. We want to retain this flexibility to ensure we can adapt to the best solution for each tournament.