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As with any sport, roundnet/Spikeball needs to build strong communities, and partnering with your Parks & Rec department is mutually beneficial for everyone!  


If you would like to include a Spikeball tournament for your City/County in 2020, listen up! We have created a partnership that is will make everyone happy. And if you have other ideas of how you would like to partner together, you can email and we would be happy to discuss.

We want to make it as easy as possible for your department to incorporate a Spikeball event for your community. Don’t worry about the cost eating into any of your budgets; don’t worry about the need to plan out the format of an event; and don’t worry about needing to have extra employees run a tournament after an already long day/week at work!

We take care of all that hard work. All you have to do is provide the field, get the word out about the tournament to your community, and we do the rest at no cost to the City. You simply send people to our registration page and we take care of the sign ups, organize the tournament, set-up/take-down, and run the tournament. This is a great way to provide a fun event for your citizens without any burden to your department. Cost is free to you, we just keep the registration fees from the teams.

Not only does this give your citizens a super fun activity that is becoming more and more popular by the week, but it can also bring other benefits to your community. You can use this to help support local businesses by arranging local food trucks to come by for lunch, and for your City’s sponsors to get their name out and provide prizes to the attendees.

Our events are inviting to players of all skill levels! With tournaments having a minimum of 2 divisions (Competitive and Recreational), and for our larger tournaments up to 6! (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Women’s, Co-ed and High School). We will work with you to determine the best format for your event.

Our goal is to have 8-12 full-day tournaments on Saturdays in 2020, and during the Summer months we are able to run some really fun, and typically less competitive, shorter tournaments from 6-9pm during the weekdays. If you have a facility that you can provide light after the sun goes down - that’s a golden opportunity in the Summer months!

Please reach out to us as early as possible to schedule a tournament on those days before they fill up! Call Taylor at 801-874-4513 with any questions

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If your City is looking to host a league, we can help to support you there as well! We can host a day of instruction for the opening night of your league and can explain the rules to newer players. This also works well for athletes to show up and see how their skills match up against others so they know which division they should be in. We can also help guide you with setting up the format of the league. Cost = Free :-)