Parks and Recreation

As with any sport, Roundnet needs to build strong communities, and partnering with a city's Parks and Rec department is mutually beneficial for everyone!  

We at the Utah Roundnet Association want to support your communities and are excited to sponsor any league or tournament you look to put on.

Leagues: We can host a day of instruction for the opening night of your league and can explain the rules to newer players. This also works well for athletes to show up and see how their skills match up against others so they know which division they should be in. We can also help guide you with setting up the format of the league. Cost = Free :-)

Tournaments: Putting on a single tournament on your own can be quite the task when it comes to having enough equipment for it. The URA can help supply enough nets for your 1-day tournament along with having a representative to help any questions throughout the day, if desired. Cost = $150/tournament, subject to availability.


Although our URA tournaments are scheduled on many of the Saturdays throughout the season, we have left holidays open in an effort to being available to help city’s run tournaments (Easter Saturday, Memorial Day, July 4th, July 24th, Labor Day, etc.). Please reach out to us as early as possible to schedule a tournament on those days before they fill up!

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