High School Clubs in Utah

Below is a list of high school clubs here in Utah. Typically clubs will have a consistent time and place for pick up games (weather permitting) so you can always know where to play and have a good time.  If there's not a club in your school, then it's up to you to get it started! Fill out the form below and we will help you find players around! If you already have a club but aren’t on the list, also fill out the form so we can make it official and help others find a place to join!


American fork high school

Club Leader: Max Rupert - 801-787-4564

Club Meet Ups: No specific times, but they play multiple times every week during lunch and after school! Stay updated on the Spikeball app.

One of the high school with the most participation and students playing together as often as they can. Also the host of the 2nd tournament in the 2019 Spring Spikeball season.


Corner Canyon high school

Club Leader: Ty Easton - 801-541-7661

Ty is new to the URA and is already making a name for CCHS! He’s been helping out with some upcoming tournaments and is ready to learn how to get better. Join him and improve your game with the whole team!


East high school

Club Leader: Charlie Haley - 435-659-1134

East High School was the first school we taught at the PE program in 2018. Charlie and his brother Oliver have been to a few URA tournaments and are ready to grow the club!

Check out their Instagram @easthighspikeball for some cool highlights and to stay up to date on events!


Grantsville High School

Club Leaders: Cage Johnson - 435-775-0801

Club Meet-ups: Every once in a while they have tournaments for $10/team, winner takes all! Check the Spikeball app for details on other meet-ups!

The Cowboys were a pleasant surprise when they first found us. They had already been having tournaments on their own with anywhere from 15-25 teams! Now they are officially part of the URA and will look to make some noise!


Jordan high school

Club Leader: Will Christensen - 435-565-0105

Club Meet Ups: Every Wednesdays right after school - check the Spikeball app for details!

Jordan High has a good little group of ballers and are looking to grow and make some noise in the 2019-20 season! Be sure and put Spikeball in your calendar every Wednesday after school and RSVP in the Spikeball app!


Mountain Ridge high school

Club Leader: Ethan Boren - 801-971-8733

Having some transplants from the Herriman High split, Ethan is leading the charge as one of the few who played at the very first Utah High School tournament in the Spring of 2019. Help him grow the club and reach out!


Mountain view high school

Club Leader: Kaden Kunz - 801-709-3152

Kaden and his partner took 2nd in the High School at the Spikeball Tour Stop in 2019! We also had 3 girls teams from MV at the 2019 High School State Championships!


Murray High School

Club Leader: Aiden Riches - 801-824-9157

We kicked off the Murray roundnet scene when we hosted a Spikeball PE Program and it created a spark in the school. Keep that flame going, Spartans! (Fun Face: The Pres of Utah Roundnet is a Murray alum!)


Orem high school

Club Leader: Skyler Koster - 801-319-7074

Orem High School had a couple teams show up for the 2019 High School State Championships. Skyler himself eliminated the President of Utah Roundnet himself in the Spikevan tournament in the Summer of 2018.


Pleasant grove high school

Club Leader: Carter Pentelute - 801-709-9278

Carter and his teammate took the podium at multiple high school tournaments in the 2019 season! PGHS also put on an awesome 20+ teams tournament over the Summer so we know there are ballers there, so come out and show us what you can do!


Riverton High School

Club Leader: Ryan Kelsch - 801-879-2122

We’ve been to Riverton’s PE classes and Riverton has some ballers! We had a few teams come out during the 2019 Spring season and put up a good run! Ryan has volunteered to lead the charge so reach out or check the Spikeball app for games.


Springville high school

Club Leader: Cooper Riggs - 801-602-7837

Cooper is building up the club at Springville High, and has competed in some of the open tournaments since 2018 as well. Definitely reach out to him about details!


Taylorsville high school

Club Leader: Tim Arauzo - 385-299-4443

Taylorsville took home the school championship trophy for the 2019 Utah High School State Championships! Along with a 2nd and 3rd place finish, T-ville is making their name well known early in the Utah Roundnet community. They had to replace


Timpanogos high school

Club Leader: Sam Turner - 385-219-8104

Club Meet Ups: Generally play everyday during lunch and after school in the gym. But check the Spikeball app!

Timpanogos High School has a good group of players that has shown up to the 2019 State Championships, our Summer leagues and each tournament in between!


Wasatch high school

Club Leader: Alex Goates - 435-503-5472

Wasatch High School has just started up their club next to our Wasatch Back club up in Heber. Stay tuned on the Spikeball app for info about meet-ups.

Check out their instagram @wasatchspikeball for some cool highlights and to stay up to date on events!


West high school

Club Leader: Jack Shuckra - 801-703-1378

West High School had a few teams represent at the 2019 State Championships, they’ve started an official school club and are ready to grow!

Want to join the URA network and have an official club at your High School? Submit an application right here and we can get you listed as a URA club! 

What we expect as a club leader:

  • Host weekly pick-up / league games (weather permitting).

  • Help build the Spikeball app community by posting games on the app and telling people to download and RSVP on it.

  • Encourage your club to participate at official URA events

  • Which all leads to one thing: Having fun playing roundnet and helping others do the same!

Specific desirable locations we need club leaders for (but not limited to):

All unlisted high schools!

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