2018 Fall Season - South Valley Spikeball League

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2018 Fall Season

The Utah Roundnet Association will be running the 2018 Fall Roundnet season at the West Jordan Veteran's Memorial Park at 1985 W 7800 S.  The league will start September 12th, and games will begin at 6:30pm every Wednesday.  We will have enough nets for everyone to play in the same 1-hour block (due to sunlight) - and stay and play for fun until dark if you'd like.  

Registration deadline is September 9th at 11:59PM. Cost per team is $30. 

LEague Format 

There will be 3 divisions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  Each team will play 3 scheduled matches a week; best 2 out of 3 games to 21, with the 3rd game to 15 and a max score of 21.

We will institute a relegation system (similar to European soccer) where teams will have the opportunity to advance to a higher division, and the threat of being relegated to a lower division. However it will work slightly differently from the Summer season.


Relegation system

To institute more consistency in the divisions, teams will only be relegated every other week as opposed to every week.  Based on the number of teams registered, either 1 or 2 teams will be promoted/delegated from each division.

Standings will be based on a point system:

Match Win = 3 Points

3 Game Loss = 1 Point

2 Game Loss = 0 Points

Team no-show = -1 Point


League Improvements

In order to improve communication within the league, we will also have a Google Doc with updated scores, standings, and schedules each week.  

Also, in an effort to improve timeliness of games, we will follow Spikeball Tournament rule 3.9 giving teams 3 minutes to start their first match, and will forfeit 1 point per minute there-after.  Also, as stated in the point system, if a team is a no-show and fails to inform the league, they will receive -1 point per match. If notice is given to the league, it will only be considered a loss and the team will receive 0 points.